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CNCA publishes updated CCC product certification catalogue

19. May 2020

In their announcement no. 18 from 2020 the CNCA published a revised list of compulsory product certification, dividing the 103 products in 17 categories. With the new announcement the description and definition form of the compulsory product certification catalogue as published in announcement No. 45 of 2014 is consequently eliminated.

News CNCA No. 18

The table shows which certification mode (A or B) is applying to each product category of the CCC Self- Declaration. While single asterisk (*) marked products are products that implement self-declaration program A (optional laboratory type test + self-declaration), double asterisk (**) marked products are self-declaration program B (designated laboratory type test + self-declaration).

For all other product categories CCC self-declaration is not possible, but the common CCC certification method applies as described in the respective implementation rules.

The compulsory product certification catalogue:

1. Wire and Cable (3) 1. Wire assembly(0101)
2. Rubber insulated wire and cable with rated voltage of 450/750 and below(0104)
3. Polyvinyl chloride insulated wire and cable with rated voltage 450/750 and below(0105)
2. Circuit switch and electrical device for protection or connection (5) 4. Plug and socket (Household and similar uses) (0201)
5. Switches for household and similar fixed-electrical installations(0202)
6. Appliance coupler(0204)
7. Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations(0206)
**8. Fuse Link(0205, 0207)
3. Low-voltage apparatus (2) **9. Low-voltage switchgear assemblies(0301)
**10. Low voltage components(0302、0303、0304、0305、0306、0307、0308、0309)
4. Low power motor (1) **11. Low power motor(0401)
5. Electrical tools (3) *12. Electric drill(0501)
*13. Electric grinder(0503)
*14. Electric hammer(0506)
6. Electric welder (4) *15. DC arc welder(0603)
*16. TIG arc welder(0604)
*17. MIG/MAG arc welder(0605)
*18. Plasma arc cutting machine(0607)
7. Equipment for Household and similar uses (19) 19. Household refrigerators and food freezers(0701)
20. Electric fan(0702)
21. Air conditioner(0703)
**22. Motor-compressor(0704)
23. Household electric washing machine (0705)
24. Water heater(0706)
25. Indoor heater(0707)
26. Vacuum cleaner(0708)
27. Skin and hair care appliances(0709)
28. Electric iron(0710)
29. Induction cooker(0711)
30. Electric oven (portable grill, bread toaster and similar cooking utensils) (0712)
31. Electric food processing equipment (food processing machine (kitchen machinery)) (0713)
32. Microwave oven(0714)
33. Electric cooktops, cooktops, ovens and similar appliances (standing electric ovens, stationary grills and similar cooking appliances) (0715)
34. Extractor hood(0716)
35. Liquid heater, hot and cold water dispenser(0717)
36. Rice cooker(0718)
37. Electric blanket, Electric heating pad and similar flexible heating appliances(0719)
8. Electronic products and safety accessories (18) 38. Single and multi-speaker active speakers with total output power below 500W (Effective values) (0801)
39. Audio power amplifier(0802)
40. Audio and video recording and playback equipment in various types of carriers (including various types of discs, tapes, hard disks, etc.) (0805, 0812)
41. Color TV receivers and TV set-top boxes for various imaging methods(0813)
42. Electronic organ(0813)
43. Microcomputer(0901)
44. Laptop(0902)
45. Display device for use with a computer(0903)
46. Printing equipment connected to a computer(0904)
47. Multi-purpose ALL-IN-ONE pinter(0905)
48. Scanner(0906)
49. Server(0911)
50. Fax(1602)
51. Cordless telephone terminal(1604)
52. Mobile user terminal(1606)
53. Data terminal (1608)
54. Multimedia terminal (1609)
55. Power supply (0807, 0907)
9. Lighting appliances (2) 56. Lamp (1001)
57. Ballast(1002)
10. Motor vehicle and safety accessories (13) 58. Automobiles(1101)
59. Motorcycle(1102)
60. Electric bicycle(1119)
61. Motor vehicle tires(1201,1202)
62.Motorcycle occupant helmet(1105)
63. Brake lining for automobile (1120) (implemented from June 1, 2020)
**64. Car safety glass(1301)
**65. Car seat belt(1104)
**66. Motor vehicle exterior lighting and light signal devices(1109, 1116)
** 67. Motor vehicle indirect vision device(1110, 1115)
**68. Car seat and seat headrest(1114)
**69. Car drive recorder(1117)
**70. Car reflecting marking(1118)
11. Agricultural machinery products (2) 71. Plant protection machinery(1401)
72. Wheel tractor(1402)
12. Fire products (3) 73. Fire alarm products(1801)
74. Fire extinguisher(1810)
75. Refuge escape products(1815)
13. Security and protection products (2) 76. Intrusion detector(1901)
77. Anti-theft alarm controller(1902)
14. Building materials products (3) 78. Solvent-based wood coating(2101)
79. Porcelain tile(2102)
80. Building safety glass(1302)
15. Children’s products (3) 81. Baby carriage products(2201)
82. Electric toy products(2202)
83. Motor vehicle child occupant restraint system(2207)
16. Explosion-proof electrical (17) 84. Explosion-proof motors(2301)
85. Explosion-proof electric pump(2302)
86. Explosion-proof power distribution equipment(2303)
87. Explosion-proof switch, control and protection products(2304)
88. Explosion-proof starter products(2305)
89. Explosion-proof transformer products(2306)
90. Explosion-proof electric actuators, solenoid valves(2307)
91. Explosion-proof plug-in device(2308)
92. Explosion-proof monitoring products(2309)
93. Explosion-proof communication and signaling device(2310)
94. Explosion-proof air conditioning, ventilation equipment(2311)
95. Explosion-proof electric heating products(2312)
96. Explosion-proof accessories, Ex components(2313)
97. Explosion-proof instrumentation products(2314)
98. Explosion-proof sensor(2315)
99. Safety barrier products(2316)
100. Explosion-proof instrument box products(2317)
17. Household gas appliances (3) 101. Household gas cooker(2401)
102. Domestic gas fast water heater(2402)
103. Gas heating water heater(2403)

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