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CNCA Announces Omission of Compulsory CCC Certification for Certain Products

19. June 2018

In June 2018, the Certification and Accreditation Authority of China (CNCA) published an announcement No. 11-2018 which includes a list of products that will no longer be subject to CCC certification in China. As of now, affected products may no longer be marked with the CCC logo.

However, the respective product requirements, which are laid down in the national Chinese standards, the so-called GB standards, continue to apply. In order to be able to legally import or sell products in China, conformity with Chinese standards is essential.

New CCC regulations have come into force with immediate effect.

The most reliable way to guarantee and demonstrate conformity of production is ensured through a voluntary certification. The Chinese Certification Authorities China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and the China Certification Center for Automotive Products (CCAP) also offer to convert existing CCC certificates into voluntary CQC or CCAP certificates. The basic process of voluntary certifications and the corresponding follow-ups are almost identical to the CCC certification, only the logo for the marking is different.

Please find below an unofficial translation of the list published by the CNCA:

Product Names CNCA Implementation Rules
Spray guns for non-flammable liquids CNCA-C05-01:2014
Electric scissors CNCA-C05-01:2014
Tappers CNCA-C05-01:2014
Electric chain saws CNCA-C05-01:2014
Electric planers CNCA-C05-01:2014
Electric pruning shears CNCA-C05-01:2014
Color picture tubes CNCA-C08-01:2014
Antenna amplifiers CNCA-C05-01:2014
Computer gaming machines CNCA-C09-01:2014
Learning machines CNCA-C09-01:2014
Motorcycle engines CNCA-C11-03:2014
Motor vehicle horns CNCA-C11-05:2014
Motor vehicle brake hoses CNCA-C11-06:2014
Car fuel tanks CNCA-C11-11:2014
Modems (with card) CNCA-C16-01:2014
ISDN Terminals CNCA-C16-01:2014
Anti-theft alarm systems for cars CNCA-C19-01:2014
Wireless LAN Products CNCA-C20-01:2007
Concrete Anti-freeze CNCA-C21-01:2014
Plugs and sockets for industrial purposes CNCA-C02-01:2014
Appliances couples for industrial purposes CNCA-C02-01: 2014
Construction site equipment (ACS) CNCA-C03-01: 2014
Public power grid power distribution equipment CNCA-C03-01: 2014
Combustible Gas alarm products CNCA-C18-01: 2014
Electrical fire monitoring systems CNCA-C18-01: 2014
Aerosol fire extinguishing devices CNCA-C18-03: 2014


Are your products affected by the new regulations and you have questions or are interested in obtaining a voluntary certification? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to advise you on all issues.

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