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CNCA: Announcement No. 1, 2017 on Restructuring and Reformation of the CCC Certification for Motor Vehicles

18. January 2017

On January 3, 2017, the CNCA published its first announcement (Announcement No. 1, 2017) of the year. With the announcement, the authority confirmed their commitment to intensify the scope of the mandatory CCC certification for motor vehicles.

The goal of the changes is to harmonize and simplify the certification processes and to improve vehicle safety by further developing the vehicle assessment.

The CNCA also adjusted its announcement No. 38 from 2008 in effort to harmonize market competition and market opportunities for automotive manufacturers. As a result, the Implementation Rules for special-purpose vehicles, including special-purpose automobiles, motorcycles, and engines, will be modified.

With the revisions of the Implementation Rules CNCA-C11-01: 2014 and CNCA-C11-02: 2014 the certification authority will integrate the approval for special-purpose vehicle into the regular approval process. This will particularly affect modified vehicles such as tuning vehicles, vehicles with superstructures and vehicles which are based on previously CCC-certified base models. With the revision of the Implementation Rules it has now been clearly established that further certifications can be done with existing CCC certification of the standard vehicle set as the base for additional certifications.

Applications for an exemption (low volume exemption) of vehicles without an existing CCC certification to Chinese customs are not possible anymore. All cars imported are now obliged to have CCC certification.
Process for exemption applications already submitted to and accepted by the Chinese customs must be completed by March 7, 2017 at the latest.

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Detailed information on CCC can be found in our guide “CCC-Made-Easy“, which you can download here as a PDF file and in our English book “A Brief Guide to CCC: China Compulsory Certification” which you can buy directly from Amazon right here.

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