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Chinese EV manufacturer Nio celebrates European premiere in Berlin

20. October 2022

Nio chose the legendary Tempodrom in Berlin as the venue for its European launch premiere celebration. Initially, three models will be offered in Europe, as well as the establishment of battery swap stations has been announced. Instead of car dealerships and showrooms, the young company is focusing on presenting the vehicles in so-called “Nio Homes,” which are a mixture of café, shopping center and lounge. Two sedans, the ET7 and ET5, and an electric SUV, the EL7, are available. The name of the latter was changed at short notice from ES 7 (international market) to EL 7 (European market) due to a legal dispute with Audi. All models are available and are already on the road in China. The technical details therefore differ only slightly for the European versions.

A special feature of Nio is the battery concept: These can either be purchased with the car or rented. Customers can choose from the standard battery or a long-distance variant. The batteries can be exchanged at one of the Nio battery exchange stations, the first of which in Germany is located on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm. By the end of next year, 120 such stations will be open in Europe. As Nio chief engineer Teobaldi said, the 150-kWh long-range battery can achieve a range of up to 1,000 kilometers. To speed up the charging process, Nio unveiled its own 500-kW DC charging station this summer. Similar to Tesla’s Powerchargers, Nio plans to build a network of charging stations. In addition to a purchase option for the EVs, Nio is suggesting a subscription model to its future customers. Prices for this start at 999 euros per month for the Nio ET5.

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