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Chinese car brand Wey comes to Germany

21. November 2019

The previous attempts to establish Chinese automobiles with simple technology and comparatively low prices on the German or European market have failed thoroughly. Many people will certainly remember the Landwind off-road vehicle from 2006, which failed in the crash test with catastrophic results, or the SUV offered as Martin Motors CEO, a banal copy of the BMW X5, whose sale was prohibited by the court in 2008 due to copyright infringements in the design.

Now, with Great Wall Motors, an established Chinese manufacturer once again dares to enter established markets in Germany and Europe. Under the Wey brand, premium SUV models are presented at the IAA 2019 that are scheduled to be launched on the German market in two years’ time. According to a company spokesman, Germany is the first and at the same time most important European market. Initially, a plug-in hybrid will be offered by the dealers, a fully electric model will follow later. In China, corresponding models are already on the road and in 2021 the market launch of the SUV Wey VV5 with a range of 500 kilometres is planned.

Wey Germany

Wey has sold around 300,000 vehicles in China since the brand was founded, and the parent company Great Wall is working with BMW locally. The Wey VV6 SUV, available in China, was rated the best vehicle in a JD Power quality survey, and Wey’s customer service received the highest rating from the China Association for Quality. The planned plug-in model for the European market has a range of 100 kilometres in electric driving mode and is connected to a 2-litre petrol engine. The system has an output of 218 hp / 160 kW and the entry-level price is estimated at around 50,000 euros.

The company founder and namesake, Jack Wey, took the opportunity to personally present the SUV study at the Frankfurt IAA 2019. He also stressed that the company had caught up with the established brands in the fields of technology and innovation. At the next trade fair, a model close to series production will be presented and the market launch will be celebrated. The fact that Great Wall Motors is serious about introducing Wey in Europe is also shown by the establishment of a technology centre in Germany. “Only through globalisation the Chinese automobile brands will be successful in the long term,” said Jack Wey at the presentation of the brand in Frankfurt. Your company can take the opportunity presented by the increasing globalization of the automotive and supplier industries and exporting their products to China. For the export of products you need the obligatory China Compulsory Certification (CCC), for which we are happy to advise you.

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Author: Julian Busch

Publisher: MPR China Certification GmbH

Tel.: +49 69 271 37 69 150



MPR Author

About the author: Julian Busch is founder and managing director of MPR China Certification GmbH
Publisher: MPR China Certification GmbH

Tel.: +49 69 271 37 69 150