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China launches new hydrogen research and development program

13. May 2021

The featured national research and development program, “Key Technologies for Machinery and Safety Research in Liquid Hydrogen Production, Storage, Transportation and Filling,” was presented by Jin Hongguan, director of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, in Beijing on Jan. 29. Guests in attendance included representatives from Beijing Sino-Science FULLCRYO Co. Ltd, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), Beijing Special Engineering Design and Research Institute, Tongji University and China Special Equipment and Research Institute (CSEI). During the conference, the project leaders and their associates introduced the goal and content of the research program and corresponding timelines.



Beijing Sino-Science FULLCRYO Co. Ltd. is to take the lead in the project. They will be supported by a total of 10 research groups from CAS and CSEI. The CSEI, as the inspection body for research on safety-related machinery and equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping, is working on the project “Research on Key Technologies for Safety Risk Assessment and Accident Prevention in the Production, Storage and Filling of Liquid Hydrogen.” Among other things, hydrogen liquefaction plants and hydrogen filling stations will be examined for their safety under real operating conditions. In addition, the safety and monitoring equipment will be tested for suitability and improved with new technology.

This special research project is intended to eliminate the current bottleneck of appropriate safety technology in the field of production, storage and filling of liquid hydrogen and to promote the expansion of this technology. The Chinese government hopes that this will lead to a growth of the industry in the field of hydrogen transport and refueling stations and is promoting corresponding projects. A so-called SELO license is required in China for the import and manufacture of equipment and machines that use gases such as hydrogen. The license is issued by the Chinese authority SELO – China Special Equipment Licensing Office. Like the CSEI, this authority is subordinate to the state market regulator SAMR. Other names for the SELO license are Chinese Manufacture License (CML), China Stamp or Pressure Vessel License. The regulation came into effect in 2014, and foreign and domestic manufacturers need the SELO license to sell their products in China.  Are you interested in SELO licensing for the Chinese market? MPR China Certification GmbH offer you to conduct SELO licensing.

If your company operates in China and manufactures or sells products such as steam boilers, pressure vessels, boilers, safety parts, gas cylinders, tanks and pressure lines or pipelines in China, then you need a so-called SELO license. This regulation on the safety of special equipment came into effect in 2014 and requires domestic and foreign manufacturers to obtain a SELO license in order to sell their products in China. The SELO license is also called China Manufacture License (CML), China Stamp or pressure vessel license. It is a licensing procedure by the Chinese authority SELO – China Special Equipment Licensing Office. This authority is under the State Administration for Market Regulations (SAMR). Are you interested in SELO licensing for the Chinese market? We will check for you, without obligation, whether your product requires SELO licensing and prepare a quotation for SELO licensing to give you an idea of the costs and effort involved.

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