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China aims to ban petrol and diesel cars

24. October 2017

According to Xin Guobin, a senior official in the Chinese industry department, Beijing is formulating a timetable to ban the production and sale of petrol and diesel-powered vehicles.

Although a specific date hasn’t been confirmed, countries like the UK and France have tentatively set a date for a ban in 2040.

As part of this push for e-vehicle technology, Beijing has actively encouraged e-vehicle innovation and seeking foreign partnership with European and North American auto giants to realize their goals.

Based on figures released by industry analysts, JATO, China already has the world’s largest car market with an impressive 25.5 million vehicles sold last year alone. Coupled with their rapidly developing e-vehicle infrastructure and the fact that China already has the largest community of market buyers for electric and hybrid cars, it’s looking more and more likely that their bold aims may soon be a reality.



Whilst China’s desire to become the world leader in e-vehicle development might initially be seen as a primarily economic move, China also has other serious motives.

China also wants to lead the global e-vehicle race as a means of helping to combat its major smog problem as well as help in clearing up congestion.

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