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CCC: New implementation Rules for Safety Glass

1. November 2016

China’s demand for safety glass from Europe and the US continues to grow. Chinese companies continue to rely on safety glass from foreign manufacturers for quality reasons.

Like many other products, security glass in China is subject to CCC-Certification.

The basis of the CCC certification is the GB standard GB9656-2003, which defines the necessary product tests (“GB” stands for Guobiao which is Chinese for “National Standard”).

The current CNCA Implementation Rule for safety glass is CNCA-C13-01: 2014, which was implemented on September 1, 2014. It replaces the previous Implementation Rule CNCA-04C-028: 2009.
The following safety glass categories are affected by the change:

  • Safety glass products used Vehicles (Automotive)
  • Safety glass products used in buildings
  • Safety glass products used in railway rolling stock

Generally, the Implementation Rules define the basic guidelines of the CCC certification. They stipulate the certification procedure, they dictate the number of test samples, as well as the procedure followed for the initial and follow-up factory inspection. In addition, the implementation rules also determine how a product has to be marked.

With CNCA-C13-01: 2014 it is important to focus on “Thermal Stability Tests”, since this is crucial in the certification process.

There are two different certification authorities authorized to certify safety glass. Only the CQC and CTC are authorized to issue CCC for safety glass.

Information about the CCC-Certification in general, GB standards, the process and the costs associated with CCC certification can be found on our website. Updates on CCC as well as other China certifications can be found twice a week in our News Section!

Further information can also be found in our free booklet “CCC made easy” which can be downloaded right here. The most encompassing summary about CCC is our English book “A Brief Guide to CCC: China Compulsory Certification” which you can by here, directly from Amazon.

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