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CCC: New Implementation Rules for Door Locks and Door Retention Systems

18. February 2016

New Implementation Rules for Door Locks and Retention Systems (CNCA-C11-10: 2014) were issued by the CNCA in 2014 and made effective January 1, 2015. Initial CCC certifications that were done in 2015 have been certified to the new Implementation Rules.

Manufacturers who received their CCC prior to 2015 will be required make the necessary changes, and update to the new Implementation Rules before January 1, 2017.
The Chinese certification authorities have allowed a transitional period from January 1, 2015 through January 1, 2017 for changes to existing certificate holders.

The new implementation rules for door locks and door retention system (CNCA-C11-10: 2014) replaces the old regulations CNCA-02C-061: 2005. The underlying GB standard GB15086-2013 remains the same.
The update includes the following main points:

• The regulations for classifying the certification unit are more specific
• Appendix 1 – Description of the door locks and hinges – has been extended by several
• Appendix 3 – Certification of spare parts (Service Parts) – is entirely new.


For spare parts the following documents have to be submitted:

• A statement which proves the end of production for the parts to be certified
• Previous test reports
• Information in regards to annual production numbers
• Further application documents, which have to be submitted for usual China CCC
certification as well.

For more information regarding the amended implementation rules please contact us.

Also, you can visit us at our booth at the IZB, from October 18-20, 2016 in Wolfsburg, Germany where we will jointly be exhibiting together with the CCAP.

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