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CCC: New GB Standard GB 32086-2015 for Specific Automobile Interior Trimming Parts in M3 vehicles (busses)

29. October 2015

Short time ago the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China (SAC in Chinese: 国家标准化管理委员会) published a new GB Standard for certain automobile interior trimming parts in M3 vehicles (busses). The new GB Standard has now been finalized. The complete version GB 32086-2015 was issued on 9th October 2015 and will be executed starting 1st July 2016.

Only interior trimming parts of M3 vehicles with more than 22 seats are affected by this new GB Standard. Sun blinders, screens, visors and curtains in automobiles ensure comfort for the driver and passengers. The quality and flammability of automotive interior trim parts are crucial to ensure passenger safety.

The updated GB Standard defines new technical requirements and test methods for certain automobile interior trimming parts in M3 vehicles. According to the new GB 32086-2015, interior trimming parts that can be hung in a vehicle, such as sun blinders, screens, visors and curtains, will now need to undergo vertical flammability tests.

The interior trimming parts for vertical burning tests must be of the following minimum sizes: 560 mm*170mm with an allowed variance of 2 mm each. Compliance to the new regulation requires that the vertical burning rate needs to be less than 100mm/min. There is no requirement regarding the thickness of a tested product. This depends on the product itself.
20151029153927374The SAC frequently publishes new GB Standards. Please visit our news page for updated information.

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