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CCC: Modification Approval Prerequisite for CCC Update

1. July 2016

All manufacturers that have CCC certificates are obligated to update their existing certificates to the new CNCA implementation rules to remain in compliance.

Companies whose certificates have been issues according to the old implementation rules are required to hand in a CoP (Conformity of Production) plan with the respective authority, by December 31, 2016. This is required regardless by which authority the certificate has been issued.

While certificates that have been issued by the CCAP will be updated during the annual follow-up audit 2016, companies that hold certificates issued by the CQC have to submit the correct CoP plan before the end of 2016 directly to the CQC.

In order to be able to facilitate a timely submission and acceptance of the CoP plan, the CQC will issue a “CQC Modification Approval” to the applicant.

When preparing the CoP plan it is crucial that it is completed in the approved format. CoP plans that are not submitted in the approved format, or that are incomplete will be rejected. Only after acceptance the Modification Approval will be issued. After obtaining the CQC Modification Approval the manufacturer is allowed to update the CCC certificates along with the annual follow-up audit.

If the manufacturer is unable to submit a CoP plan before December 31st, 2016, they will not be able to obtain the CQC Modification approval. Certificates that are not updated by January 1, 2017 will be out of compliance and subject to suspension, then cancellation.

China Certification Corporation supports their clients during the entire process. We will assist them in preparing a CoP plan that will be accepted, then submitting it to the CQC. Once the CQC has audited and accepted the plan, we ensure that our customer will receive the Modification Approval which is necessary so that the upcoming audit can be conducted according to the new implementation rules.

If you have more questions regarding to the Modification Approval, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or call us: UK: +44 2071931135, Rest of Europe: +49 692713769150, US: +1 773 654-2673.

If you have more general questions about CCC or for detailed information about the certification process and the associated costs, please take a look at our webpage as well as our certification package.

Further information on CCC can be found in our brochure “CCC made easy” which you can download right here or you can order our book “A brief guide to CCC: “A Brief Guide to CCC: China Compulsory Certification” right here from Amazon.

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