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CCC: GB Standards for Interior Air Quality of Vehicles

17. December 2014

Air pollution and high concentrations of toxins in the air have become a huge problem for China in recent years. The Chinese government is working hard to try to solve these problems.
The implementation of stricter emission standards and the introduction of regulations setting fuel consumption restrictions pose big challenges for vehicle manufacturers.

The vehicle emission control regulations for vehicles registered in Shanghai and Beijing are already very strict. The Chinese government will be introducing more strict emission and fuel consumption regulations in the coming years.
The Chinese authorities are looking at more than just automotive exhaust emissions. They are also measuring the quality of air inside the passenger compartment. Indoor air quality is becoming the focus of new regulations and standardizations. A correspondent GB Standard (GB stands for “Guobiao”, Chinese for “National Standard”) for this already exists, however it has only been voluntary with no obligation to be followed. GB/T 27630-2011 (Guidelines for Air Quality Assessment in Cars) specifies test methods and limits for almost ten
interior materials such as plastics, textiles, glue and rubber. The voluntary GB Standard is expected to be transformed into a mandatory standard as part of the Chinese strategy to reduce harmful pollutants.
Interior of prestige modern car. Beige cockpit
When the passenger compartment air quality standards become mandatory, manufacturers will need to comply with both the current GB 8410-2006 for flammability as well as the additional requirements for air quality.

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