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CCC: Current Figures on the Development of the Automotive Sector in China

29. July 2014

Even if the monthly trend of expansion in the Chinese automotive sector were to change, it is inevitable that growth will continue. In the first half of 2014, 9,708,500 passenger cars were produced with 9,633,800 of them being sold. According to a statement by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), these figures show a growth in the production and sales of approximately 12%, in comparison with the 11% growth in the previous year, 2013.

By examining the development in the first half of 2014, particularly the numbers of SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) and MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) there has been a growing trend in this market. According to a report by CAAM, the production of SUV’s increased by 37.4% and the sales by 37.1%. Regarding the MPV, the production increased by 58.6% and sales by 55.4%. The growth rates of the production and sales of normal passanger cars remained low with 5.9% and 5.3% respectively.
3D Car model on black background with reflectionAnother growing trend in China is in the sector of new energy vehicles. According to a statistic of CAAM, in the first half of 2014 already 20,692 units have been produced. These latest figures are 2.3 times as high as in 2013.

It is important for car manufacturers and suppliers to be well informed regarding the Chinese regulations and the certification requirements. Of particular importance is staying current with the ever-changing CCC certification regulations. We will inform you in our “News” section on our website regarding all certification changes, as well as newly added products that will require certification.

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