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CCC: Children’s Bicycles and Tricycles Need CCC Certification

2. December 2016

Similar to toy products, children’s bicycles and tricycles (age 4-8 years) are required to get CCC certification to be sold into the Chinese market. The relevant GB standard is GB 14746-2006 for “Safety Requirements for Bicycles for Young Children”. This GB standard replaces the older GB 13472-1992 and GB 14746-1993. The corresponding Implementation Rule is CNCA-13C-068:2010 for “Children’s Vehicles”.

The standard GB 14746-2006 is based on the standard of ISO 8098:2014 “Bicycles for Young Children” and describes specific safety standards, performance requirements and test methods. Both standards are applicable to bicycles with a maximum saddle height of more than 435 mm and less than 635 mm, propelled by a transmitted drive to the rear wheel or wheels for tricycles. These standards are not applicable to special bicycles intended for performing stunts, such as BMX bikes.

The Implementation Rules CNCA-13C-068:2010 for “Children’s Vehicles” are covering the following GB standards:

Children’s bicycles: GB 14746-2006

Children’s tricycles: GB 14746-2006

Stroller: GB 14748-2006

Children’s balance bikes: GB 14749-2006

Toy bicycles: GB 6675-2014

Electric stroller: GB 6675-2014 and GB 19865-2005

Radfahrer bei Regen in Bewegungsunschrfe
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