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CCC Certification Exemption

15. July 2014

Many manufacturer ask for an exemption of the CCC certificate to avoid CCC Certification. It is possible for some CCC mandatory products to be imported into China without certification if they meet certain exemption criteria. The applicable regulations must be examined so that there will not be any issue with customs clearance despite the exemption status.

It is important to check if a product requires CCC prior to the application for the exemption. Please keep in mind that the HS Code is not sufficient for determine CCC obligations. The HS Code or the respective customs tariff number, is often mistakenly used by manufacturers as the only indicator to determine the CCC obligation of products or individual components. This frequently results in goods being detained at Chinese customs. For a reliable determinations of a product’s CCC obligation, the product should be analyzed according to its specific product functions and performance.
2014071507504686Application for CCC Exemptions

There is a lot of erroneous information regarding what qualifies for exemption, how to apply and what supporting documents are required. Sorting this out can be difficult for a manufacturer, so it is suggested to be sure that the product does in fact qualify. Even if the product meets the criteria for exemption, it is not a given that exemption status will be accepted by customs.

Some possible exemptions include, but are not limited to, products that meet the following criteria:

  • Products used for science purpose and product tests
  • Products that are used as an exhibit at fairs
  • Products that will be exported out of China again (must show proof)
  • Products that are used for manufacturing other products and are not sold on the Chinese market
  • Products that are imported in small volume (low volume exemption)

If any of the exemption rules apply to your products and the application is not too cost intensive, our experts can consult you regarding customs clearance in China.

Our service package for complete customs clearance includes solutions to insure a smooth import.

The following are included in our service package:

  • We evaluate the product and determine the most effective import solution to get you goods to China
  • We assist you with preparation of the necessary documentation for importing your goods
  • We coordinate your process and prepare customs clearance in China
  • We solve customs clearance issues that are caused by demands of certifications – such as CCC, CEL, CFDA, CCIC or CIQ
  • If your products require a certification we check the possibilities of an exemption

For more detailed information please download our free booklet “Customs Clearance”


China Certification Corporation consults manufacturers with every aspect of their CCC certification:

  • Straightforward, transparent management of the certification process
  • All-inclusive consulting through our German, Chinese and US based offices
  • Important contacts to all relevant Chinese institutions
  • No Chinese language skills are required, we will handle all of the necessary communications with the certifying authorities and test labs for you


Please contact us for a free and non-binding CCC check of your product.
Write us an Email or call us: Germany: +49 69 271 3769 150, UK: +44 2071931135,
US: +1 773 654 2673


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