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CCC: Amended Minimum Size Requirements for CCC Certification of Interior Trimming Parts

10. March 2016
The new Implementing Rules for the CCC certification for Interior Trimming Parts, published in August of 2014, have led to a substantial increase in certification applications with the Chinese authorities. The result of this was a huge increase in the work-load for both the CQC and CCAP in 2015.

Unfortunately clear guidelines on how to interpret the new Implementations Rules were missing. As the result of a lack of consistency in interpretations, the CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration) issued more specific guidelines on how to interpret the new Implementation Rules. The new guidelines go into more detail particularly in regards to automotive interior trimming parts. The new requirements place a higher priority on the minimum size requirement. The minimum size required for interior trimming parts is still 356mm*100mm, but the method of measuring has changed.

In a first step one has to check if the projected surface of the interior trimming part is at least the size of 356mm*100mm standard template. Holes will be ignored for this first step. If it is not possible to place the standard template within the contour of the largest projected surface of the interior trimming part, it is not possible to get this part CCC certified.

If it is possible to place the standard template completely within the outline of the largest projected surface of the trimming part, one should examine the size of each possible hole. If no single hole makes up for more than 50% of the total surface of the part, it is likely that CCC is compulsory. In case a single hole makes up for more than 50% of the total surface, the remaining solid section of the trimming part must be large enough in order to take the standard template from it.

If the projected surface is large enough to fit the standard template of 356*100mm and the conditions for holes are met as well, the last step is to check whether a standard test sample can be taken out of the trimming part. It must be possible to take the test samples of either 356mm*3-60mm or 138mm*60mm from the part. The test samples cannot contain any holes.
If all conditions are met, CCC certification is mandatory.

Although the CNCA announcement is quite complex, it provides a commonly accepted base on how to evaluate an interior parts’ obligation for CCC certification. The new rules clearly state the minimum requirements, which is good for both the supplier and car manufacturer.

Please contact us if you would like to receive our free presentation regarding the new guidelines for Interior Trimming Parts. The presentation explains the new requirements in great detail, and should help clear up any confusion in regards to which Interior Trimming Parts need CCC certification.

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General information about CCC, the certification process, as well as the associated costs can be found on our website, or in our free booklet “CCC Made Easy”, which you can download here.
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