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CCC: Almost 500 New Chinese Standards Published in the First Half of 2014

11. December 2014

The Chinese authorities are constantly creating new regulations in regards to the standardization and certification of products. Numerous updates and new GB Standards
(GB stands for “Guobiao”, Chinese for “National Standard”) were published in 2014.
In addition to the mandatory GB Standards, voluntary GB/T norms, QC/T and NB/T standards exist as well as regulations of the CQC (China Quality Certification Centre).

The SAC (Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China, in Chinese:
国家标准化管理委员会) is responsible for development, verification and release of new and/or updated standards. According to an announcement by the authority from August 2014, it evaluated and passed nearly 500 new Chinese standards in the first half of 2014. The large amount of new regulations shows the Chinese governmental bodies focus on changing the regulatory framework in order to improve the process of product standardization.
2014121116174439The new standards mainly affect the following product areas:

  • Automotive safety
  • Consumer goods
  • Food products
  • Industrial products
  • Environmental protection
  • Agricultural
  • Logistics

Change applications at CQC or CCAP (China Certification Centre for Automotive Products) for existing CCC certificates may be required due to the new and updated regulations.
It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to be informed of the latest changes and to maintain compliance for their product(s).

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