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Battery Registration in China is a Critical Factor for Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

28. January 2020

The ramp-up of local production of the Tesla Model 3 in China is in full swing and executives reported that the new factory already reached their short-term production target of 1000 cars per week. With the start of deliveries, Tesla reduced the price of the car by 16% to 299,959 RMB ($42,919) after subsidies.

Tesla-Battery registration

A closer relationship to Chinese suppliers can offer a simplified solution for achieving conformity to national standards. Battery systems for electric vehicles, for example, must comply with special coding requirements according to GB/T 34014 and complete a battery registration process in China. The aim is to ensure a better traceability over the entire life-cycle of the battery.

In the future the new Tesla plant near Shanghai is expected to also take over parts of the battery production, but this will require further upgrades to the factory. Currently, Tesla is receiving batteries for the locally produced cars from LG Chem, which are also manufactured in China. The choice for LG Chem as its battery supplier already signals a departure from retaining Panasonic as their long-standing exclusive battery supplier.

Reports surfaced in November 2019 that Tesla has reached a preliminary agreement with the biggest Chinese battery producer CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co.). CATL could become a supplier for Tesla in China during 2020 already and is said to be in further talks for also supplying other Tesla factories worldwide.

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