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AQSIQ China: The Chinese authority emphasizes the importance of the licensing process for exporters of recycling materials to the P.R. China

3. December 2014

Companies that wish to export recycling materials to the P.R. China are required to have an AQSIQ registration. This registration needed is the “License of Registration for Overseas Supplier Enterprise of Imported Solid Wastes as Raw Materials” that is governed by the authority AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine). The current AQSIQ registration was first implemented on November 1, 2009. The following product groups require an AQSIQ registration:


  • Scrap Metals
  • Scrap Plastics
  • Scrap Paper
  • Scrap Electronics
  • Scrap Textiles



In June of 2014, the Chinese authority AQSIQ registration published an announcement that again stressed the importance of an AQSIQ registration for exporters of recycling material. The registration ensures the product’s safety and compatibility with the Chinese environmental standards. By publishing the implementation rules and regulations on the official AQSIQ website, they clearly show the purpose for the registration and demonstrate the transparency of the registration process.
20141203170c045956The implementation rules and regulations are updated regularly. They can be found (in the Chinese language only), along with the current application forms, on the official AQSIQ website. It is important to note, that all application forms must be submitted in the Chinese language. Moreover, all application forms need to meet certain standards in regards of markings.
All applicants must meet several requirements, a few of which include:


  • The company must be a legitimate/licensed enterprise in its home country
  • The company must have an established quality management system
  • The company also must have environmental protection control measures in place



If your company plans to export scrap material to China and you need an AQSIQ registration, please contact us for a non-binding quote. The AQSIQ registration is a complex and lengthy process which requires extensive preparation and knowledge. The proper preparation of the application documents is the key for a successful registration.

We will fully consult you during the process of preparing the application documents, including providing sample documents for reference in most cases. After all of the application documents are completed we will translate into Chinese as required by the AQSIQ.

We also handle the extension and renewals of existing AQSIQ registrations and will support you with any questions during the registration process.

We will check free of charge if your product requires an AQSIQ registration. Simply send us the exact material name and HS Code (customs code) by Email.

You can reach us by phone (UK: +44 2071931135, Rest of Europe: +49-69-2713769150, US: +1 773 654-2673) or by email.


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