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Application for CCC Certificate Extensions: Minimum 90 Days Prior to Expiration Date

30. January 2015

The Chinese certification authority CCAP (“China Certification Centre for Automotive Products”, Chinese: 中汽认证中心) has emphasized that certificate holders of valid CCC certificates need to apply for certificate extension 90 days prior to the expiration date of the valid CCC certificate.

A CCC certificate is normally valid for a period of five years. In order to maintain validity, the manufacturer must be in compliance with all of the required regulations, including keeping up with their mandatory annual follow-up inspections.

A new regulation of the certification authority now requires that certificate holders must apply for certificate extension at least 90 days prior to the expiration date. The manufacturer must submit an application for certificate extension, after which the certification authority will issue a new CCC certificate valid for another five years. If the manufacturer fails to apply 90 days prior to the certificate expiration, the certifying authority may suspend or cancel the certification. Cancelation of the certificate will require the manufacturer to start the certification process from the beginning if they wish to continue to sell their products in China.
20150130141615258Another important issue is to make sure that any product design changes, supplier changes or changes in the quality management system must be reported to the certifying authority with a change application. Failure to do so will render the certificate out of compliance and may result in suspension or revocation of the CCC certificate.

Additionally, change applications must be submitted when the Chinese certifying authorities update the GB standards or Implementation Rules. The relevant current changes must be reflected on the CCC certificate by a set date. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to keep their certifications and products in compliance.

You can find more information about these topics on our webpage “CCC Change Management”.

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