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Additional Methods of Certification for Certain Product Groups Possible

22. June 2018

In annex 1 of announcement No. 11-2018, the Certification and Accreditation Authority of China (CNCA) recently announced that certain products do not require the CCC certification anymore (Link to News).

Starting from 1 October, 2018 there will be no regulations for CCC certification

According to annex 2 of the official announcement, further changes will come into force on October 1, 2018: Manufacturers can then issue a CCC self-declaration for selected product groups as an alternative to the usual CCC certification process. The basic process of the self-declaration is described in a new implementation rule recently published by the CNCA: CNCA-00C-008: 2018. The process is similar to that of the CE marking, however it is important to note that the CCC certification is still compulsory for the affect product groups. The respective GB standards remain valid and product compliance in accordance with Chinese regulations remains mandatory during the entire production of the product. Annual product tests according to the GB standard remain compulsory.

The main difference between the current CCC process and the self-declaration is that the latter does not require an audit. Instead all necessary information must be prepared by the manufacturer and uploaded into an online system. Product testing is still compulsory, but will be differentiated for the following two types” A” and “B” in the future. For “Type A” products, manufacturers may choose the laboratory to test their products. In contrast, “Type B” products may only be tested in test laboratories accredited by the Chinese authority CNAS.

The potential omission of the audit could streamline the CCC process, however in the event of problems or deficiencies, manufacturers will be held directly liable and will face much more severe penalties. It can be expected that customs inspections and vehicle inspections will be intensified in order to detect possible problems such as incomplete or incorrect information in the self-declaration. In addition, in the initial phase of the self-declaration further uncertainties and changes by the certification authority can be expected. Also the handling of the self-declaration is critical for the homologation of the complete vehicle as the Conformity of Production (CoP) to the GB-Standards must be fulfilled at all times. As this is not ensured when using a self-declaration the responsibility lies with the car manufacturer.

For this reason, we recommend staying to the known certification process.
Maintaining the current certification process in direct cooperation with the certification authority is in our view the more risk-averse approach of the CCC certification for suppliers and vehicle manufacturers.

Please find below an unofficial translation of the CNCA list of products for which the CCC self-declaration can alternatively be carried starting from October 1, 2018:

Type Product Name CNCA
Implementation Rules
A Information technology equipment, audio- and visual equipment with a nominal rated voltage equal to or less than 5VDC, nominal rated power consumption less than 15W (or 15VA), and non-rechargeable battery equipment (Class III equipment) CNCA-C08-01:2014


B 1.      Low-voltage switchgear: complete power switchgear, busbar trunking systems (busway/bus duct), distribution board, low-voltage complete reactive power compensation devices CNCA-C03-01:2014
B 2.      Small-power motors CNCA-C04-01:2014
B 3.      Small AC arc welding machines

4.      AC arc welding machines

5.      DC arc welding machines

6.      TIG arc welding machines

7.      MIG/MAG arc welding machines

8.      Submerged arc welding machines

9.      Plasma arc cutting machines

10.   Plasma arc welding machines

11.   Arc welding transformer anti-electric shock device

12.   Welding cable coupling device

13.   Resistance welding machine

14.   Wire feeding device

15.   TIG welding torch

16.   MIG/MAG welding torch

17.   Electrode holder

B 18.   Motor-compressors CNCA-C07-01:2017
B 19.   Automotive interior parts CNCA-C11-09:2014
B 20.   Car door locks and door hinges CNCA-C11-10:2014


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