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5th Congress of China Boiler and Boiler Water Treatment Association Successfully Held in Suzhou, China

10. September 2020

The fifth Congress of the China Boiler and Boiler Water Treatment Association was held in Suzhou August 11-12, 2020.

The event started with an opening ceremony attended by, among others, Zhang Hongwei, Deputy Director of the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Bureau of State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), Guo Yuanliang, Vice President of the China Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute (CSEI), and Li Jun, Vice President of CSEI. A total of 373 members of the Association attended the meeting.



The main topics discussed at the congress were new technologies and the boiler safety risk. Zhang Hongwei pointed out that new materials, new technologies and improved processes are making boiler manufacturing and use increasingly complex He also stressed that the safety risks are still quite high.

Mr. Li Jun, Vice-President of CSEI (China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute), reported on the work of the Fourth Association Council and suggested the following: It is important to define the direction of development and to put it more on focus. It is also necessary to have a clear understanding of the development trend and to guide the development through innovation. As a last point he said it is essential to push the development of the sector, especially in times of social and economic transformation.

A highlight of the congress was the speech of the new director of the Council, Qiu Jiayou, on the topic “Taking the road of innovation, sharing and development to promote China boiler and water treatment industry to a new level”. In his speech, Mr Qiu Jiayou underlined the mission of the Association, stressing that it would work hard to make more progress and “shoulder the mission to a new journey”.

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