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The International Forum on Chinese Automotive Certification and Accreditation (IFCACA) took place in the course of the “World Certification Day”.

22. June 2016
The IFCACA (International Forum on Chinese Automotive Certification and Accreditation) took place on June 6, 2016. The event happened in parallel with “World Certification Day” in China. The forum was presided over by Zhang Jianwei (CATARC Vice President) and Li Wenlong (CNCA Certification Supervision Division Vice Director). Other officials and industry representatives of CCAA, CNCA and BAIC were also present at the event. Some of the topics discussed included macro policy, auto industry development, technology leadership and auto green upgrading. Discussions related to the future of certification covered topics such as “innovation focuses of auto product certification and accreditation in the future, key enforcement of technical regulations and standards” and “core and key testing technology breakthroughs”. The purpose of the forum was to focus attention on the promotion of the certification and accreditation systems which are pivotal in upgrading the Chinese auto industry, to strengthen the quality and facilitate the green development of the industry.

During the event several press conferences were held, for instance by the International Motor Vehicle Certification System Study, the press conference of PHEV Ratings or the first batch result releasing meeting of C-GTRA. The purpose was to promote a new type of green certification in the auto industry and demonstrate the achievements regarding vehicle testing and certification.

In general, certification an accreditation are crucial for improving quality management. The IFCACA was the first big event focusing on certification and accreditation in the Chinese automotive industry. The event is expected to strengthen and boost the application and innovation progress of certification and accreditation in the Chinese auto industry.

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