China Certification es un socio perfecto para la certificación CCC en el sector automotriz. Les proveemos soluciones rápidas e inteligentes a los proveedores y fabricantes automotrices para su certificación CCC. Le ofrecemos apoyo para todo proyecto relacionado a la CCC Automotriz.

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La Certificación China Obligatoria (CCC) es una certificación necesaria para exportar productos a China. Tenemos experiencia en el proceso de certificación CCC para todo tipo de categorías de productos. El proceso de certificación CCC será simple y fácil con la compañía de la China Certification Corporation como su socio profesional.

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HAF604, Certificación de Taiwán, CRCC para Productos Ferroviarios, Aprobación de Tipo SRRC, NAL (Licencia de Acceso a la Red), Registro AQSIQ, Certificación Voluntaria de Marca CQC, CCCF para Productos de Fuego: Le brindamos ayuda con todo tipo de certificaciones para el mercado chino.


China Certification provee una variedad de servicios de asesoramiento especializado, especialmente para fabricantes de automóviles y grandes empresas industriales. Con los paquetes de consulta las certificaciones, así también como los procedimientos relacionados a las certificaciones de productos internacionales, pueden ser simplificadas.


China Certification Corporation offers customized CCC training to fit your company needs. Our trainer will come to your location and provide the training, up to date information and pass on valuable tips from our many years of experience. Call us today to learn more!


Desde 2005, MPR China Certification GmbH - China Certification Corporation ha estado brindándole apoyo a empresas de todo el mundo para obtener las certificaciones de productos requeridas para el mercado chino. Con un equipo fuerte ubicado en distintas partes del mundo, le ofrecemos la mejor solución para sus consultas.

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Network Access License (NAL) for Telecommunication Equipment

China Certification Corporation

Since 2005, we have supported companies around the world in obtaining certifications for the Chinese market.
More than 200 factories have obtained certifications using our consulting service packages – including complete certification as well as certificate extensions and changes.
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NAL mandatory products

The NAL product catalogue includes products that communicate with the public network, such as signal amplifiers, mobile telephones and other devices with a SIM card.
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What is NAL?

NAL stands for Network Access License, which is a mandatory Chinese registration for telecommunication devices connected with the public telecommunication network.
Most important element of the registration are the product tests in China. The factory audit is often not required for foreign companies, however, they have to submit a valid ISO 9000 certificate.

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Get a FREE non-binding NAL check for your product.


Get free and non-binding information.
Please do not hesitate to contact us or simply request information by email.


The “Network Access License” is mandatory for telecommunication equipment in China. This obligatory license is applicable to telecommunication equipment which is connected to the public telecommunication networks. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is responsible for this kind of certification. The MIIT is also responsible for the maintenance and interconnection of the public telecommunications network in China.

The first three product categories requiring NAL were publicized in June 2001. In the meantime, there are around 25 product categories that include approximately 300 different kinds of telecommunication devices. The devices are further subdivided into two main groups: The basic and the high-end equipment.
Affected products need to obtain the NAL necessarily before being imported into China. Currently, there are in total 14 authorized laboratories in China that carry out NAL approval procedure. These laboratories are all accredited by the “Certification and Accreditation Administration” (CNCA) and specialized in testing a certain product group.

In order to obtain the Network Access License, the following steps are needed:


  • Submission of the application documents



The applicant must be a juristic person with a registered residence in China, which is of great importance to the foreign companies (as well as companies from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). The company located in China is responsible for the complete import and export, the disposition as well as the after-sales service of the products.


  • Product tests



To pass NAL certification, a product needs to pass several tests. Apart from the NAL-License, certain telecommunication equipment also needs a CCC-certification. But before applying for CCC, the applicant needs to apply for the Network Access License. Some testing results of the NAL approval process is also relevant for CCC-Certification, so that these tests do not have to be undertaken twice.


  • Factory inspection



Due to the fact that the MIIT does not carry out factory inspections outside China, it is not applicable to foreign countries. Nevertheless, the company shall hold a valid ISO 9000 Certificate if an application for NAL is intended.


  • License issue



Once all tests have been passed, MIIT will issue the license. Then, the device can be legally exported to China and be sold there.

If you are interested in NAL Certification for telecommunication equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • We provide you with a non-binding check to see whether your products need a NAL Certification.
  • We provide you with a non-binding, transparent, all-inclusive quotation stating the costs and time needed to get the NAL certification.
  • We take over all communications with the Chinese test lab and certification authorities. In case that product tests and a factory inspection by MIIT are needed, we take over all the necessary steps.
  • We pay all application fees and testing fees needed at the Chinese authorities.
  • We will do everything to ensure you a smooth and quick NAL Certification process.

We would like to help even if there are questions regarding the NAL Certification in general. Send us an Email or call us at +49-69-2713769150. It would be a pleasure to support you.

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